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Ranking Improvement Using Expired Web 2.0 Properties – Case Study

Expired Web 2.0 Properties

Hey guys, how’s your SEO war going? Tough enough or maybe the coolest month for you I believe. For me, it’s an average one. Today I will discuss about expired web 2.0 properties. And you can say it’s our 1st case study for you.

Okay, some people is saying expired web 2.0 has no value for SEO now. Honestly, I am a big fan of web 2.0 properties where I can create a relevant back link for my site without giving so much effort. And if that web 2.0 already had some power then how sweet it will be? That’s why when masters are saying expired web 2.0 properties are not working, I feel like!!

SEO Facepalm

So I thought let’s do a test to figure it out. What I did I took a project based on a small micro niche related to kid’s hair product (not Amazon affiliate). Those keywords are already ranked in the top 30. One is at top 10. I just want to boost it a little bit. Here is the procedure what I did –

  1. Buying Expired Web 2.0 Properties List

You can scrap expired web 2.0 using scrap box if you have your license. But I didn’t waste time here. I just went to the Fiverr and bought a custom gig. Update here i prefer not to buy gigs from anywhere now. Better if possible try to scrap your own domain. Because most of the tumblr blog has some adult topic issue. So better check it before using it.

Blog i used are good one. Some blog metrics are like –

Majestic Metrics

Majestic Metrics

Opensite Explorer Metrics

Opensite Explorer Metrics

  1. Registering the Blogs

After scraping the list of blog I just registered all the blog. What I got 30 Blogspot, 25 Tumblr, 15, 15 Webs list for just $15. I registered all using around 10 emails randomly. But I didn’t start working with all blogs. For this test run, I use –

  • 5 blogspot
  • 5 tumblr
  • 5
  • 5 webs

I make sure all are registered using different emails. Each property like 1 BlogSpot, 1 Tumblr, 1 Blog, 1 Webs are registered under email no 1. Then respectively all properties are registered using five separate email. Again note to clarify, don’t register all BlogSpot using one email or all Tumblr using one email. Better use one email to register each separate expired web 2.0 properties.

  1. Setting Up the Blog

I spend some time here. As URL is chosen randomly and it’s not niche specific so I put some effort to make it accurate. Like if Tumblr URL is – (example) I set the whole blog for all about kid’s hair care topic. Note here from the expired list I got some blog named Justin Bieber so I skip those. Select those blogs which can suit best or you can set. So it makes sense and looks natural. Set the about us and contact us page for each blog. Post some filler content like kid’s hair related video’s or infographics. In short steps are to set your blog –Web 2.0 Blog set up

  • Adjust the blog name and topic to make it relevant based on the URL.
  • Using VPN to establish the blog or working on it to avoid footprint. Just some extra precaution.
  • Create header image and all wherever possible.
  • Setting sidebar and all.
  • Set about and contact us page.
  • Post some filler content 1-2.

Check the image at the right side to get an idea about how to set a basic web 2.0. Click the image to enlarge it.

This is it. If you need to know more about how to set up the web 2.0 blogs for your website, check Gotch SEO blog post. It’s in the detailed and impressive guide about web 2.0 properties.

  1. Wait to Get Index All Your Blog

Some blogs are already indexed; some are not. After setting it up, I just wait few days to index the blogs. Tumblr takes a long time to get index always so I used the indexer. To learn more about link indexing issues, you can read Charles Floate post about backlink indexing.

  1. Creating Content and Post

Overall I create 20 article around 500 words using my keywords. And drip feeds all the content to all properties. I don’t post all together like updating the 2-3 blogs in a day randomly. Within a week I post all 20 articles into 20 blogs linking back to my money sites. Some people suggest not to link back while posting but I can’t. These blogs take a long time to index so why I need to wait for more to link back to my site.

  1. Updating Blogs

Here I did link back to all 20 blogs to my money sites with content. But I didn’t stay still here. Using filler content, I keep updating all blogs for next two weeks. It’s up to you. You can wait or don’t update the website, but I did it again to make it more natural.

  1. 2nd Tier Link Building

I need to wait for indexing. But I want to boost the power of each blog. Already they have some link juice according to the metrics image above. Still, I want to boost it up. What I did I just bought another gig from black hat world for 2nd tier link building. If you just check fiverr or black hat forum marketplace, you will get lots of sellers who will sell 80-100 PBN links for $10-$20.

  1. Final Point – Result

And now it’s time. After around four weeks later (almost took around 18 days to index all the blogs) I saw some movement. But I still wait one more weeks to get the power from the 2nd tier links correctly. And in total around 40-41 days later, I see some improvement for my all keywords. As I wrote before all keywords are ranked within top 30 so based on its improvement is good enough. Just one keyword is not working properly, but I think it will also improve soon. You can see from the screenshot –

Expired Web 2.0 Properties

So it’s not a KABOOM result for me, but at least I can say web 2.0 properties are not dead yet. You can still use it if you know how to use it. 🙂


This is the test result of using expired web 2.0 properties for manual link building work. Its works for me pretty well. I will keep updating this post if any more positive or negative result whatever it will happen.

Now the main point the whole procedure using expired web 2.0 properties for money site; I want to give credit to Franklin Hatchett. After reading his post, I was inspired to do this experiment. Thanks to him to share his method with us.

Finally, guys, you can still use expired web 2.0 for your work but as I said who knows which process will work for you. It’s working perfectly for me for now don’t know it will work for you or not. Keep playing with Google. But choose your step properly.

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