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Protect Your PBN from Backlink Checker Tools

Protect PBN from Backlink Checker tools
Hello Marketers, are you selling PBN links or create your own PBN networks to get ranked on Google for your business or client’s business? Avoid any kind of footprints so that Google can’t catch you, right? Great. You’re almost rocking on the market but you maybe don’t know you’ll not be there too long. Because your competitors can figure out your PBNs though backlink checker tools like Ahref, Majestics, SEMRush and many more paid software!!!

Worried? Get confused about what to do now? 

Don’t need to worry. Here we bring you two files to protect your PBNs from those backlink checker tools. One is robots.txt and another is .htaccess file. Just download the files and replace or modify your existing robots.txt and .htaccess file with those. That’s all !!! 😀

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Ranking Improvement Using Expired Web 2.0 Properties – Case Study

Expired Web 2.0 Properties

Hey guys, how’s your SEO war going? Tough enough or maybe the coolest month for you I believe. For me, it’s an average one. Today I will discuss about expired web 2.0 properties. And you can say it’s our 1st case study for you.

Okay, some people is saying expired web 2.0 has no value for SEO now. Honestly, I am a big fan of web 2.0 properties where I can create a relevant back link for my site without giving so much effort. And if that web 2.0 already had some power then how sweet it will be? That’s why when masters are saying expired web 2.0 properties are not working, I feel like!!

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