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Keywords in TLD Part is Not a Ranking Factor

Keywords in TLD Part is Not a Ranking Factor

Hey thinking to get some keyword rich TLD for your new website? There are lots of new TLD available now which you can pick based on your niche. It’s easier to optimize also because by that extension you can quickly point out your business and get some extra benefit for SEO campaign. Sounds good?

Okay, hang on here! You are on a war filed, and it’s not so easy to get some extra benefit. Now here comes the actual news. Google’s John Muller assured in a hangout that using keyword rich TLD will not help you to rank higher in the SERP. There are lots of keyword rich TLD now available like .attorney, .kitchen, .news and more. Its confirmed now that Google ignored that part if you want to take some extra benefit for your SEO campaign. So finally keywords in TLD part —

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